Try to expose more controllers, no one likes to page and rea

1.Next update: Try to expose more controllers, no one likes to page and read just to do one thing.
1 (a) Those tabs on the left hand side should be integrated and open automatically with an opened track, especially, Volume fade, to make it easy just to adjust the volume without opening those killer tabs… Expose more and more
2. More drag and drop functionalities, that is what the trend is on the market.
3. Automation cave like in FL or Studio One
4. Plugin re-sizable, some are too big when working on one small screen, some are too small to see the details
5. Piano-Roll click edit by pointer, not the pencil, its very tedious, most musicians are not playing any instrument nowadays, that is why they run to FL studio because they can just draw any cord just by mouse click, not that pencil thing.
6. Mixer whole channel collar option.
6. (a) Ignore the old people who do not want changes with Cubase because they are going to die soon and this software will be no more in the market like other big companies that did not evolve with times.
7. Fix media bay, it is very confusing to the beginners especially, adopt folder arrangement for samples and loops, to make it easier to navigate, look at what Studio one and FL studio did it so simple. It must also be fixed and docked there on the right hand side, not moving around making trafficke.
8. You must conduct a survey using all platforms, not only from Cubase users because cubase users very consecutive, they do not want change. That survey will help Cubase ten to take the lead on the market again.
Please introduce the forth version that will include Wave lab on it, that will be C.Pro X.
9. Lastly, we like Cubase, but it must also catch up with the time, you a bit behind, you are loosing bunch of new and legendary producers to Studio One everyday.
10. My advice, Cubase should implement all what seem to be attracting people to Studio One as a major counter of them all, not only on Cubase but even other DAWs. Out of 10 producers, only 2 of them are Cubasers, 4 of them switched from Cubase, thats bad.