Trybes - Running Out (MIX by Renel)

I don’t know if I can post that link here, but I’m taking a chance.

Here is an unofficial mix I made of a great Trybes song whose tracks are available for free on the Cambridge MT site where Mike Senior offers a list of multitrack projects which can be freely downloaded for mixing practice purposes. The 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library

Here is the direct link to my mix: Trybes - Running Out (Renel Mix)

Any comment is welcome.

Trybes: Support the artist here: This artist is happy for you to use your own mix and master of their work in an online portfolio, as long as you tag it with ‘unofficial remix’ and include links to the artist’s social media accounts.

Hey Rene;
You know what ? I prefer your version to the one from Trybes published on YT. I feel it clearer.
From a personal point of view:
I love the Space, Pan & Presence of the different instruments. The arrangement of the voices in particular are really good. Lead in middle and choirs on the left/right really works for me.
Thinking about it, i think this mix is full of great balance.

Couple of things you might take a look at :
I find that the voice when it starts was little bit too loud. Given the ambience, i think the beginning should be smoother.
Snare : Perhaps you may reduce little bit the attack. My feeling is that Snare & stick (?) are too invasive.

Tell us more about that Cambridge MT experience. Are you coached ? Do they provide some guidance ? Seems really appealing .

Not a problem at all, you did what the artist asked, and are using it in the manner permitted, so, cool.

Thank you Stephco for these very good comments. It’s always very nice to know that our efforts are appreciated by our peers (let me put it this way). I also appreciate suggestions for small things to improve. I will work on this in the coming days.

Cambridge Music Technology can be summed up like this: Mike Senior Experience. In 2014-15, I bought these books: Recording Secrets For The Small Studio and Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio which I greatly appreciated for all the relevance of the information found there. At the end of the manuals, Mike (whom I don’t know personally) offered the opportunity to download recording projects through his Combridge MT site. I’ve been a member there (it’s free) since 2016. I have a few mixes of various artists that I’ve made that reside on this site.

The services that Mike provides are not free, but on occasion he will comment free of charge on mixes that users will make. It is the users of the site who comment on the various mixes produced and published on this site. Everyone is very polite and constructive. There are among these users experienced people and others less so. Relevance is always there.

For me, this site allows me to practice mixing with projects whose tracks have been recorded under professional conditions and to discover very talented artists from all over. It’s really cool!

Thanks Steve!

Hi Rene, I thought the mix sounded very professional. I’m a fan of “Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio”, which I studied in great detail several years ago. Maybe I should look into his Cambridge MT site.

Thank you very much Early21, very happy to read this comment. I learned a lot from reading the two books by Mike Senior. What I appreciated even more was having access to a bank of musical projects generously made available to everyone by talented artists.

I recently downloaded two other projects that I will mix in my spare time, one of which contains 83 mono and stereo audio tracks including 32 mono and stereo drum tracks. Mixing the drums will be an adventure in itself. There will surely be tracks that will be left aside. What I like about this site is precisely having access to this kind of thing which is unthinkable to do at home…