trying again: is this possible in wavelab?

I’m trying to create loops that need to be a specific length and I need to get rid of the click that can happen if a loop isn’t looping at a zero crossing point.

I am not having any luck with Loop Tweaker and I’m not seeing any tutorials that show how to use it.

As an experiment here’s what I’m trying to do:

Create a 5 second long sine wave using signal generator.
Make sure that snap to zero-crossing is turned off and then cut a little bit of the last cycle so that you have a sine wave that doesn’t end on a zero crossing.
Now select the whole signal and create loop markers from selection.
Now if I go to the Loop Tweaker you can see that the zero crossing points don’t equal each other.

What I want to do is do some sort of processing that will get rid of any click that this loop will create WITHOUT changing the length of the loop. If I use the arrow in Loop Tweaker it changes the length of the loop.

I hope my question is clear! Basically, I’m just trying to get rid of clicks when loops repeat without changing the length of those loops!

With this requirement (no change in loop length) the only thing you can do in such a case is create a short fade - either draw it in yourself with the pen tool or select a short segment and execute a fade.

I have done just that with success and I have also zoomed in and added silence to the offending sample; clip retains length in both cases and drop-out is fixed.