Trying again to clarify M/S workflow...

Hi again…
OK, I looked back through some old threads to see how I can improve the workflow. Didn’t help all that much, in part because I had some strange behaviors, and I couldn’t really tell what was expected and what was not, since I’m clearly not getting exactly how WL9’s M/S fits with my needs (which I feel are pretty straightforward).

What I have:
1-ch mid audio file
1-ch side audio file

I don’t need to do anything terribly unconventional-- editing/fades, maybe some envelopes, adjust M & S levels, EQ (in M/S), reverb (in L/R).

The M/S Montage template is split-mono. This seems like how I got into trouble last time, and indeed it doesn’t seem to behave as I need (fades/edits/moving doesn’t apply across both M and S tracks). Also, rendering is still impossible without renaming every single clip (!).

So, I should not use the M/S template, but use M/S files in a non-split montage?

And, when doing that, the clip/track/output fader control is useless, right? Because it doesn’t allow M/S channel selection, like the plug-ins do?


I’m just curious… why are you working with files that are actually “rendered” with “mid” and “side” encoding?

Simply the raw tracks from mid + side mics. L/R Monitoring during recording done on the back-end, post record. Is that what you’re asking?

Ahh ok - yeah, I was just wanting to understand your workflow to see if I could help somehow… The only useful suggestion I can think of, is make sure the source files don’t have the same name to begin with as you mentioned in one of your earlier posts… I’m guessing you probably already thought of that though. Why would they have the exact same name anyway though? Wouldn’t you want them named differently so you can distinguish between them?

They don’t have the same names– not sure where I suggested that they did. Thanks for the thought.


Also…In this split-track M/S mode, I can’t get the Track fader on the mid track to have any effect!

Bheller, I’ve just tried the M/S Montage template for the first time with a mid and a side file, and I’m blown away one can take two mono files and render them back to the exact equivalent of the original stereo file. But that’s the genius of PG.

Anyway, editing 2 mono tracks simultaneously in Wavelab takes some getting used to. You need to select both clips, and hold down the Alt key to simultaneously adjust fades across both tracks, or to move positions of the clip edges simultaneously. You also need to use the split all tracks command to make splits. And turn on global ripple to move everything to the right on both tracks.

I didn’t have any problem with the clip, track, or global level faders in the M/S template like you did, so I guess I don’t understand the problem.
As far as renaming clips for renders, I also don’t quite understand how that would be a problem.

I hope PG can work the other things out for you, but the fades/edits/moves is as it would be in a normal non-M/S template multi-mono montage. It just takes some getting used to.