Trying edit my playback template what is Synchron Prime+addinational stuff but have problem

i seen video about these playback templates (i feel i dont still undertstand things partly) but to me text is clearly better than any video with text in can likely print it and work step by step with my own speed and without problems understandign talked non native language even sometimes my native language is problem i have brain based (what i know about this its related my cerebral palsy and/or autism) hearing issues. and opening Dorico same time with youtube is not possible here (videos get audioplayback issue i think there is setting what release audio for other programs when Dorico is not active)
I Use Windows 10 pro i say if matters somehow. trying edit my playback template what is Synchron Prime+addinational stuff but have problem when i try add instrument what is not defined playback template list.(how i can these entries what these are made? if i need do my own).
window look like this assigned instrument is empty even i try edit marimba track endpoint settings what i dont understand?

and this second picture shows list what entries i mean these endpoint templates what i can use premade entries but if i need own noluck. becouse i feel there is defined such way i can then edit endpoint but without such this later window defined no luck.
If i dont get these work i cannot compose in Dorico with correct sounds then mean no composing in dorico even if I wanted.(Now i use Studio One for composing but i wanted use maybe sometimes Dorico for this)

there i dont know how i can do custom Entries what i need i feel do Endpoints (you see what my Endpoint editor looks without suitable Entry here in earlier post) for different instruments.

I looked all possible things even odd ones (i define odd this case means things what not follow logic what I personally have what does not mean my logic is correct but thinking other people way is somecases hard). when i save endpoint setup my setup (even i dont see here instrument name) (in Assigned Instrument place). i can add this in edit play template window. now when i added it downloads selected template and this another window shows Marimba as assigned instrument.
all is now well (still some odd things here) expect if i want save multiple instruments such templat file how i do it?

and how i do edit playback template window i can overdrive only for example violin sections from another Entries. instrument overdrives seems list only solo instruments if i do again missunderstanding of logic? odd project for violincello ensemble and edit edit end point suitable way. store it and use it Edit playback template and use instrument overdrive with Violincello setting for this file?

No started go again state not work anymore like does not found expresison map anymore. And when i try change my tempalte another Dorico hangs. Why this is SO hard. I very likely almost give up if someone not do provide step by step guide in text. when i have energy and free time (not thinked do something time) i can maybe look it again but really want get this work.

What is wrong this process

1 . made empty project project instrument instrument what i want add to template.
2. select my playback template.
3. i set plugin what i want use play my instrument and load suitable preset for this instrument track.
4. i do expression map for instrument same instrument.(currently i copied new name one premades becouse i wanted test theory.
5. i change instrument track end point configuration to this expression map i see assigned instrument is empty. i store this setting.
5. i playback settings i add this endpoint worked little time fine when i added it entries but later stopped working. even i imported this expression map in expression map window again.
what is wrong?

i get thigns work one time but i dont remember how my process differs and even stored tempalte worked i feel but even now its not work anymore.

I feel even my settings are stored they are not loaded. i dont know if my problem is i started Synchron Prime template what i made duplucate and started add things. somehow these windows in Dorico Pro 4 are i feel more stable but still no luck making tempalte i hope some wizard/witch comes here and tells me what is my problem.

From the screenshots you’ve attached, it looks as if the missing element might be that you have not added the required instruments to your project, then made the connections between the patches you’ve loaded in your VST plug-ins and the instruments in the project in the Endpoint Setup dialog. You need to add the instruments, then in Play mode assign each instrument to the appropriate channel on the appropriate VSL/VE Pro instrument, then specify the appropriate expression map for each channel in the Endpoint Setup dialog.

Once you’ve done that, you should find that you get the expected playback in that project. Once the playback is correct, you can then save a playback template from that configuration that you can reuse in future projects.

Main problem is likely solved:
problem is partly solved (at least part what is Dorico usage related thing). Track insepctor i forgotted connect vst to track. Now a least endpoint editing window shows instrument name then i think very likely starts work as well.

VSL Synchron player shows oddly in some times in Dorico issue is still here and followed this message instruction what i talk:
Vienna synchron player windows open in here many times back of dorico windows i luckily found them (by clicking program related buttoms in bottom bar) it not only program what done this. somehow this plugin opens sometimes only way shows part of gui of by steinberg very wide (wider than screen) but very shallow window. i know style steinberg stuff looks same style what i think what is some things in Cubase/Dorico/WaveLab (colours and fonts and line thickness/line style). and buttons what are part this window not shown fully. i get this kind error before seen it. and still whole VSL installation works here well i feel some rare cases VSL and Dorico dislike each other but where is problem i dont know.