Trying out Cubase 12. This should have been Cubase 11.5. It doesn't seem like a new Cubsae

It has a few new things it can do, but otherwise it’s pretty much identical to Cubase 11. It’s least change I’ve seen in an update. I kind of like that in a way. I don’t think things should drastically change all that much from version to version.

I wish the visual customization would go back to old style Cubase. I hate being limited to what colors I can change. It’s stripped down. Also, will you PLEASE make it so I can tick a setting and make the desktop background in Cubase permanently solid?! It bothers me when I switch windows around and I can’t even tell if I’m in Cubase. I like the old style. I can see progressing to new ways of doing things, but please at least have the option of running legacy aesthetics.

It probably seems silly to some people, but when you’re used to something, you’re used to it.


I have noticed the “new” freewarp function works perfectly well in C11.
like it’s not a new feature, just a new button.