Trying out the new Softtube Weiss Plugin

I am trying out this plugin

Nice de-esser, limiter and compressor.

However it makes the WL moving display stop and start and do some other strange things.

I have a good Windows 7 Professional gaming computer with lots of memory and an I5 prodessor. If you look at the performance display it is not straining the computer very much at all. Anyone else notice this?

So, you mean it eats too much CPU? Or?
How many cores?

the performance display it is not straining the computer very much

What do you mean? The Windows performance meter?

BTW, Windows 7 is slower than Windows 10 for graphics and memory management.

I have a few reports into Softube about this plugin.

The VST2 version doesn’t process any audio in the clip/track/montage output FX but it seems to work OK in the global master section.

VST3 version seems OK but there may have been some open GL graphics issues that produced a lot of red area on the GUI.

There was an updated version of this. Maybe check that you have the latest version. I bought the Limiter only MM-1 and it works and looks fine on a Windoze 10 system except for that weird pre-sets thing. I confess to being a little under inspired by it generally. Which surprised me for a Weiss product.

Looks like a sweet plug! well worth the dsp required to run it!

I purchased the Weiss MM-1 and it is flaky in WaveLab 9.5 as well. (No matter where I set the ‘limit’, it goes ‘over’.) I checked it out in a couple of other waveform editors… and that does not happen. Because of that behavior, I haven’t tried to process/render in WaveLab (yet).

(BTW, the Weiss DS1-MK3 and MM-1 are STELLAR at what they do!!) :slight_smile: