Trying to change the default 9sus4 into a slashed chord


Is there a way to change the default setting of the chord symbol 9sus4? When I, let’s say, play a C triad over a D root I’d like it notated as a C/D in stead of C9sus4. Can’t seem to find it in the Engraving Options…

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I include chord symbols in every score I write, but I’ve always written them into the score using shift-q.

I tried out entering from the MIDI keyboard for the first time just now.

The way that Dorico interprets what you play is set in Write > Note Input Options. (Engraving options only define how the chord looks on the page.)

The option you need is Inversions or altered bass notes:

Set this to Prefer simpler chord with altered bass note
(It’s a long way down a long list of settings.)

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Thanks David,

This is exactly what I was looking for. Now it notates C, Bb,E, F as C/Bb but now the following problem occurs: It notates a simple Cm7-chord, played as C, Eb, G, Bb as Eb/C! Now I still have to manually correct a bunch of played chords….
I remember Sibelius didn’t have this issue: when I wanted the above chord notated as Eb/C I simply had to play the C an octave lower. Am I wrong? (Not that I EVER want to go back to Sibelius, in case you wondered… :wink: )

Do you have any suggestions for a workaround?


At the risk of stating the obvious, just use Shift-Q and type the chords in rather than using “have Dorico guess at chords” mode. That way you get the exact spelling you want the first time with no editing.

You can type in a chord (on a MIDI keyboard) and then restrike the root (while still holding the chord) to specify the chord you want even if you want an inversion.


Thanks Fred,

Of course I’m familiar with the typ-in option but I’m só much faster (and used to) playing the chords like I did with Sib. And since there are a million options to tweak Dorico I can’t imagine there is no way to tweak this to my satisfaction. I just have to find out hów!

Any help much appreciated…

Regards, Nick

Thanks, @Derrek for pointing out some options that I’d missed in the manual.

I did a quick test but couldn’t get what @Inktclub is looking for.

I suspect that the numerous options in Notation Input interact to some extent with the way MIDI chord input is interpreted.

As I said, I always use shift-Q for chord symbols, and I think MIDI entered chord symbols will always require some individual edits, unless someone can tell us differently…