Trying to copy a track to another track with the Inserts


I have recorded a track with an Insert on Audio 1 and want to record it with the Insert to Audio 2 so that I don’t need to use the Insert all the time.

So Audio 1 is the Direct Input version of the instrument and Audio 2 would be the same track going through the Insert and be recorded with the Insert permanently active.

Everything I see online says you can select the Audio 1 track output for the Audio 2 track Input but I cannot find it. I am using Cubase 12 Elements which is up to date.

Yes, I’m a beginner and just want to record the output of Audio 1 to the input of Audio 2.

Could someone help me please.

Thank You.

If I read this right, your looking for a way to “print” the insert to a new audio file.
First, you don’t re-record the output of the channel onto a new track. There are much more sophisticated ways of achieving the same result.
You can either Render in Place or Freeze the track.

I don’t have render in place but freeze does what I want.

Thank you, I told you I was a noob.

I wanted it because my friend doesn’t have the same inserts I have and I wanted to be able to hear it as I wanted it at his place.

I’m sorry, I missed that you are on Cubase Elements.
I guess there is no Render in Place in Elements.
The closest thing would be Export Audio Mixdown, I think.