Trying to copy paste an event from a track in the upper zone to a track in lower zone

Hello, I want to set a macro that deselect all, select a given track by name, paste at origin the event (that I previously copied)

But when the origin track is in the upper zone and the destination track in the lower zone, there’s a bug, the event gets duplicated in the original track

Yep, this is indicative of a whole slew of issues (really stemming from just one or two root causes) associated with the track division track selection behavior.

For example, the project window focus remains in the active divided section (top or bottom) until you click on another track that was not previously selected in the section that is not the one in focus.

That means regular commands will also not change the focus from top section to bottom section, or vice versa, because of this stubbornness built in to the program.

And because the deselect command does not include tracks, the original track you want to copy from remains the one in focus, even when you’ve instructed Cubase to select a different track by a given name.

The divider focus behavior needs to be improved.

My suggestion is:
Create commands for Focus Top or Focus Bottom when the tracklist is divided.