Trying to create a macro

My pc/cubase/sound card combination gets to really distort after some half hour or so of heavy editing/composing.
The solution I have come to settle with is the following steps:
Studio/Studio setup/Asio Reset/OK

It would be convenient to have this procedure in a macro, but I cannot find those commands while trying to set it up.
Is it possible or not?

Unfortunately, I don’t think so.

But it would be a good idea to get to the bottom of why this happens. Power scheme? Driver? Worth a better look.

I have tried everything in the past 2 years. I have to live with it

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Ah, shucks.


What ASIO driver do you use? What does LazencyMon say?

Asio Fireface (RME babyface pro fs)

Doesn’t look bad.

I don’t suppose there are any forgotten plug-ins in DEMO-mode in the project?

try removing all unnecessary NVidia stuff, leaving only the drivers.
Try this tweaks too, to see if the performance gets better:

I stopped checking on nvidia drivers etc after the first year. I have the studio drivers I tried then and nothing else.
It does this from the first day. After half an hour of serious work, or after the computer is left inactive for an hour with the project just waiting for me to continue.
All these basic tips have been incorporated. I have been playing with cubase since 2014, but this behaviour is from this pc only. It does not happen on my less adequate laptop, but then again I cannot work on more heavy projects on that.

To me, having the PC fail to recover from sleep successfully is a) Either power setting related (BIOS C-states and such included) or b) Faulty hardware (probably M/B).

I would double check and triple check BIOS settings and all USB port sleep/energy policies.

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power settings are set to max
no sleep etc settings.

I cannot deal with MB matters after 2.5 years of no other problems.

Returning to the original topic, why can’t a macro like the one I describe be created?


Because this is not common operation. This is more trouble-shooting. I have never seen request like this, so most probably there are not too many people in need of this.


There’s no command for pressing the reset button. You can go as far as Devices → Studio Setup, but you can’t control the actual reset button.

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Just out of interest, when you say it distorts after some time…. Is this by any chance a gradual build up of distortion that starts subtly and turns into almost a sizzling effect?

Does audio just seem to degenerate? (Different from the traditional dropouts and stuttering caused by dpc latency).

If the above is correct, does it keep degenerating? (Until barely audible).

Does it stay in the distorted state, even if you close Cubase / Nuendo restart? (Have you tried this)?

If above is on the right lines, please can you post your exact system specs.