Trying to create an AAF but getting compatibility issues. Help!

Hi folks
I’m trying to create an AAF. I’m getting a compatibility notes: -Reset complex transitions to linear transitions. Can anyone tell me what this means and how to correct this? Went thru Nuendo 11 manual without any luck. I don’t need the automation to follow.

Does your project also contain a video file?

No video file.

In the end, I used OMF 2. That worked immediately. But the video production team wanted an AAF. I’d still like to know why it’s not working. There’s no automation. Maybe it has something to do with crossfades on the audio files?

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I think AAFs may be limited to some x-over curves on edits. Nothing too fancy. I don’t typically run into this problem.

Did you just get a warning and it still allowed you to export or did it refuse? If I were you I’d try exporting if possible and then reimport and just see where the differences are.

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Yeah it’s gotta be the crossfades. Just do normal (linear) crossfades like ‘constant gain’, not crossfades like ‘constant power’ which have those accelerated type ramps

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My apologies for this late reply.
Thank everyone. Cross-fades were the problem indeed.

Much luv to all Nuendolites


Yep, that seems to often be the case. When I used to have to cross platform sessions between DAWS, I’d always remember to render crossfaded audio tracks into a single audio file. That got rid of this particular issue. We really do need a better cross platform solution, AAF has not been updated in ages.

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