Trying to figure out which is best for me... update or full?

If the existing content is in the default location, no dupes.

Sorry about the misinformation. :blush: I didn’t know how things were set up. I do now though. Thanks.

I did buy it a few days ago, but the only option given was just the update installer.

Of course I still have my 6.5 disks, and all the updates from there right up to 7.5.3, including the 7.0 full installer, but I’m thinking that once I add the 8.0 update, it will be cumulative and I won’t have 7.5.3 separate from 8.0 anymore. I’d like both for obvious reasons.

This is difficult to understand, and a little bit disconcerting.

How is it that some people have the option to access the full install, but other people don’t?

I am a little bit apprehensive about messing up my 7.5 install with the smaller update to CP8, I much prefer the full complete installation.

Can someone describe here how to make sure one has access to the full install when they purchase CP8?

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Log in to Mysteinberg, go to my products. There is a menu named Downloads click on that and you will have a link to the full 8.0 in both windows 9.1GB and Mac 9.2GB.

Ok, thanks much for that peakae!

Thank you SteveInChicago.

How do I determine whether "existing content"is in the default location? C7.5 was loaded by ADK for me, so I’m not sure … what are the specific file names to search for of the “existing content” (I assume that means things like Halion Sonic SE, etc.)?

If indeed they are not (I have a feeling at least some files were installed on my non-OS drive) … is there any way, during CP8 installation, I can let CP8 know that, so it doesn’t duplicate the large volume of files?

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In all seriousness - why not ask ADK?

It still looks like a lot of people are confused. Actualy it is quite simple. If you already have 7 installed they direct you to the update which is a smaller download, because you already have a lot of stuff installed. Now if you did not move the sample libs or plugins to other places, you will NOT get duplicates, just extra, new files, next to the old ones, that will still work in your older versions, and some new files for the new version. The update files will probably only work on the new version, 8. Trying to get new (8) things to work by duplicating things manualy to other install folders (6,7) will most likelly introduce instability on the old versions. And why would you want this anyway?

ALSO you will ALWAYS end up with a separate 3,4,5,6,7,8 (32And/or64bit) install in its dedicated folder, using either the full installer OR the updater, dont worry. ( of course for the updater to work you must have the previous version installed…)

If you DID move content to another drive, (plugins or libraries) you will end up with duplicates of these files on the c drive for all files that are included in the installer. Just delete them, and/or move the new 8 update files where you want them, and point 8 to the place where you want the files to be. (Your older versions of cubase are already aware of this as you pointed these versions to these locations yourself). Just do the same with 8.
Also you can always move content later this way anyway.

I have updated from 7.5 to 8, and no problem, everything is saved.

So, only one thing to do before that : don’t uninstall your previous version of Cubase!

After you can, but not before!

I don’t. Only the Update installer. 3.88G or so not 9.1G.

It got lost in the posts, but I asked before:

Does Steinberg have a web page, “Here is the step-by-step for how to a) full install, b) partial install , and why”.


I’m not sure, but with 2427 posts, you’ve been around for quite a while - I’m surprised you even need that.