Trying to find an mp3 encoder update rather than upgrade

Hi - I am currently looking to find a way of updating my mp3 encoder. I have reached a maximum of 20 encodings and am told I am unable to mixdown any more of my original material from Cubase onto another format until I purchase the mp3 updater. I can’t find such a thing and am considering up dating from Cubase SE (built in 2004) for something a little more this century. But before I do this I would rather find if this updater still exists. ta. lc

Only the “full” Cubase comes with unlimited MP3 encodings. It looks like there is a discounted upgrade from SE3. Anything older than that, you are probably out of luck.

You could always mixdown to WAV and use a free downloadable WAV -> MP3 converter outside of Cubase. Be careful, though. Many will try to sneak in some crapware during the installation process.

Google “free wav to mp3 converter”.

Aloha guys, just to chime in.

There is always the ‘free’ app called: ‘QuickTime’.
(I believe there is also a ‘free’ version available for PC 'puters).

It will export a aiff/wav file to an MPEG-4 file called: mp4.
which seems to act/work the same way as an mp3 (at least on a Mac).

Might help and it is free so give it a go. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

ta for the help but am looking for way of mixing down from cubase to either mp3 or mp4 - my file is a cubase recording and the settings in cubase wont allow me to transfer the file out to mp3 or mp4 format. looks like i am looking at upgrading the entire system as its gone out of date only 10 years after it went into production. lc

Good move and ‘good luck’ to you.

Let us know what system you end up getting.