Trying to find the LFE

Folks, I jumped from N5 to N10 and of course, bewildered at different points. I want to find how I draw the LFE from any given channel on the mixer. On the early versions there was that bar at the bottom of the panning window. I don’t know how to do it in this version. HHHHHHHEEEELLLLLPPPPP, please!

I hope I do understand you correctly…Do you mean you can’t see any LFE-level in your panner? Or do you mean that you don’t know how to operate it?
In the first case: only if your track is a “.1”-compatible track, the LFE-level will be visible; right below the panner display you’ll find a numerical readout saying: LFE…dB
Please refer to the manual which shows you the panner-difference between stereo tracks and “.1”-tracks: Fader Section
The 5th track in this example shows a 5.1-track with LFE level but it’s displayed in a numerical readout and not in a bargraph any more.

Also this page may help understand the “new” VST Multipanner: VST MultiPanner Plug-in Panel

I hope this helps?
Niek/ Amsterdam.