trying to get each mic on its own track

Hey everyone,

I have been recording and editing podcasts for years. I have used Skype and Pamela to record and Sony Vegas 7, 8 and 9 for most editing.

I want to do live, in person podcasting and I just purchased and installed Cubase4 and Firestudio on my Mac. My goal is to record podcasts at events with 4-8 microphones. No instruments or sound effects, just voices like a radio show.

I set everything up and plugged in two microphones. Both mics are working. I want each mic to have its own track, but that is not working out.

The signals from mic 1 and mic 2 are being recorded on both tracks at the same level. Even when I pick up mic 2 and walk out of the room, mic 2 is recorded on tracks 1 and 2. I would expect very mild track bleeding, but this is not track bleeding at all. I am thinking there is something simple I need to do to get one voice (one mic) on one track. Any help would be much appreciated.

Also, can anyone recommend a tutorial of sorts that a podcaster has published on using Cubase and Firestudio for inperson live podcasting?

Thanks in advance.

Assuming you have selected the Firestudio ASIO driver in Cubase

You need to set up the inputs correctly, you’ll find this in the connections/input dialogue.

You will also need to select the correct input (connection) to the channel/s you have selected to record to.

You should read the getting started manual (found under the help menu) as this is explained in very clear detail with pictures as well.

Thanks for your quick response Split. I will follow your suggestions and see what I can do.

podcaster: I did it like this in Cubase Le4

VST"S Click here

Project page setup Click here

Firestudio and Tascams US-1641 are similar

Hope this helps

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks halljack. I will check out your setup.