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Hi Everyone!
OK - what am I doing wrong? I’ve installed and registered Cubase 6.5. It loads and runs, and it opens the project files from my previous version (v5, which worked fine on a dual core Windows XP machine). This is a new computer (Intel Core i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40 GHz. 8.00 GB RAM Windows 7, 64-bit. Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio). Two ASIO drivers come up as options. One of them (Generic low latency ASIO driver) produces no sound whatsoever. The other one (ASIO directX full duplex driver) jumps along like a broken record and is wholly unlistenable. I know I’ve got a driver problem, but how the hell do I fix it? Any advice.



Sorry to say, but neither of these two drivers will give you a satisfying experience with Cubase (or any other host, by rhe way…). They each have their pitfalls, starting from an unacceptable latency. You need a true low latency ASIO driver specific to your sound card and, by experience from a long time ago, I know that Creative doesn’t provide one with their Soundblaster range, unless something changed since, but it doesn’t seem so, according to your description.

I would consider purchasing another card, unless you can install ASIO4All for it (make a Google/Bing/Yahoo (or whatever…) research on it ; I don’t exactly know the site name). The one you have with its two drivers is perfect for listening CDs or gaming, but not for a DAW usage.


As cubic wrote Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio isn’t a good choice as a soundcard to produce music.
If your able to spend a bit money check some rme pci or pci express cards. Best stable drivers low latency.
If you wanna save money on your soundcard you will sooner or later be annoyed because your too limeted.

Greetz Bassbase

Thanks Guys - I am endebted to you. The ASIO4ALL driver works perfectly, and I now have sound! (Send back the razor blades - I won’t need them). Ironically, when I specified the PC, I paid extra for the soundcard because it officially supported ASIO - looks like I wasted my money, because the cheap soundcard in my old PC didn’t officially support it, but played fine anyway.
Anyway, many thanks - problem solved!

Now I’ve got to go through all my old project files and for each relevant line change the instrument from HAlion One to HALion Sonic SE - what a pain! Still, it’ll be worth it just to have the extra memory and processing speed - my hope is that I’ll be able to open more Guitar Rig tracks with the extra system memory (I could only have two tracks on the old system before the software fell over).

Thanks again.


Not a waste, this is the reason ASIO4all works ok. A lot of the basic soundblasters barely work at all.

Yes, non-specialist computer sellers often have no concept of a “good” soundcard beyond “go to the most expensive one Creative offer” :frowning:

ASIO4ALL is better than nothing. You really need to swap the Creative card for something better (and, luckily, probably cheaper).

Good advice - thank you.

I’ve got Cubase 6 up and running, and can sucessfully edit and play back projects created with my previous version. Now I’ve got a different (but probably related) problem, which is that I can’t get any sound in the Sample Editor. I can open and inspect a sample, but the only playback I get is the full mix. What do I have to tweak to get the Sample Editor to play just the sample? (I’ve never had this problem before - it just worked out of the box))

Thanks for any help.


Solo the concerned track, maybe ? :confused:

No, already tried that.

I should also have mentioned that, because there’s no sound in the sample editor, none of the previews of Audio-Process functions work either…[reaches for the razor blades again]

F4->Studio Tab->turn off control room (or set it up properly)

Just had a flash of inspiration! Added a bus to VST Connections_Studio, and it worked!

Man, what a complicated piece of software this is…!!! :blush:

Thank you, JMCecil, I just arrived there myself!

dude you really need a decent audio interface for today’s music applications.
If you are on a strict budget, get an open box Audiophile 2496. That thing used to work fine for me for years before I used expensive interfaces. It will cost you like $25-30. Pretty sure you can’t beat it in terms of price to value ratio

Thanks, Johnglist, I’ve read the spec and it looks very good indeed. It’s just…the thought of setting up another sound card after the fun I’ve had with this one really puts me off! And you’re sure it has a driver that works out of the box with Cubase?

And you’re sure it has a driver that works out of the box with Cubase?

It does