Trying to get the Playback function to work

I had just bought Dorico Elements 3 a few days ago. Now that I have installed it, whenever I press Play to play back my note input there is no sound. Now just before a project is opened I would get an error message stating that playbacktemplate.hsse has not been installed (I have attached a screenshot). I want to get the Playback function to work so that the program will play back my note input. So once I select Halion Sonic SE in the VST tab is that it or do I need to do something more? Help!!

Have you downloaded and installed 2 packages for Dorico Elements? There is the Application Installer and the Sound Installer, you need both.
If you did run both installers, try reinstalling them.

Hi. I had same error message with Elements. I’m not sure if the proper default template is getting loaded at start-up. I managed to fix it by going to:
Play > Playback Template…
Try selecting HSSE (Elements) then Apply and Close.

I also did a Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments, but I’m not sure that was necessary.


I installed both packages and I still have the problem.

How do I reinstall the packages?

Have you tried that what user Viaduct suggested?

Reinstalling is easy. Just run the installer again. After you accepted the license conditions a screen comes where it says ‘Customize’. There it will say that Dorico is already installed. On the right is a radio button where you can tick ‘Reinstall’. Do that for both, Dorico 3 and the Components. Then just click Next, etc.
And the same again for the Sound installer.

I have tried both of your suggestions and I still have the same problem. Once, after I had done what both of you suggested, I went into the Play menu and selected Reset Overrides and it worked because I got sound. But when I use Dorico after that I just have the same problem again because I have no sound even when I selected Reset Overrides. Any more suggestions?

It’s not Reset Overrides it’s Playback Template that you need.

I’ve had similar issues occasionally, both with Halion and NP, where no amount of resetting playback settings seemed to work. The solution turned out to be: open a second Dorico file (preferably with the same Playback Template) simultaneously and wait for the sounds to load there. Then you can switch back and close the other file again. No idea why, but it works every time.