Trying to get to Cubase 8

My venerable Cubase 4 isn’t working on the OS X 10.11 I recently installed. I can’t upgrade to 10.12 due to my older Mac hardware, so I’m assuming I need to get Cubase 8. I downloaded Cubase 8 and installed it but it quits without giving me a chance to activate or even find out what the price would be. Having the e-licencing software running didn’t help. Can anyone advise what I should do next?

You can’t buy a Cubase 8 license from Steinberg anymore because Cubase 9.5 is out. You may be able to find one from a third party retailer but considering you need an upgrade from Cubase 4 to Cubase 8, I would say your chance of finding that exact product is very unlikely. The easiest route is probably to just upgrade to Cubase 9.5 and use that license to run Cubase 8 (the C 9.5 license will authorize all older versions).

Further to Jaslan’s quite correct reply, if you apply for a Cubase 9.5 trial the license for that trial might work as a trial license for the version 8 that you have…but even if it does and you like what you see you’ll still need to buy a 9.5 license to use 8 (as already stated).

I’ll try the 9.5 license. Didn’t know 8 would work with a 9 license so your suggestion is pretty darn valuable, thanks!