Trying to ignore/hide FX & Input channels when using controller mapped to the mixer

Hello! I’ve posted this in the Hardware forum but with no answer yet so I thought the question actually applies here as well.

Long story short I’ve mapped the Mix Console to the faders of my MIDI Controller via the Generic Remote mapper in Studio Setup.
I’ve created two controller banks of 8 faders each. My issue is that the mapper automatically takes into consideration the Input
channels and the FX Channels and that mashes everything up when I’m adding or removing Audio/Instrument channels. Meaning
that some faders get assigned to the fx channels, some to the input, some to the audio/instruments channels. I’ve tried hiding
the FX and Input channels from the Mixer but the problem persists.

Is there a way to lock the Generic Remote to take into consideration only what is visible in the Mixer? Or to lock it to specific
channel types? Maybe someone has bumped into this problem before and can help.



The assignment in the Generic Remote is based on the order of the tracks. In fact you don’t assign to Audio 01, but to the 2nd Channel. If later on Input 2 becomes the 2nd Channel, the HW slider is assigned to the Input 2 Channel. This is concept of Generic Remote, there is no way around.

Hi Martin. Thanks for the anwser. At least now I know there’s no way around it and I can work within these constraints.
I’ve actually made some progress by following this per channel rule and I must say it’s going pretty OK.

I had the same problem with Mackie Universal Pro.
It seems it takes all tracks in the mixer (or just tracks on the main screen).
That is not the setup what i want, but i learned to live with it.

One thing to get around the track-order-determines-faders is to get used to entering a shift+num operation on the mcu. This allows you select by midi, audio, groups. Very handy once you get used to it.


Also if you hide the channels in the MixConsole, the MCU and Generic Remote Device don’t see them (if I’m right).

Yes that seems to be right (correct), i just say it follows the main window…
Because i can hide things (tracks) in the mixconsole, but they are still then on the Mackie.

Only when i hide tracks in the main window, i can hide them for the Mackie.
And that is kind of unworkable for making and editting music on C95.
So each time i work on the mackie i accept that it presents more tracks then i want…

I was serious that it is not the same as it worked on my Cubase 6.
:blush: :imp: :wink: :wink: :wink: :open_mouth: :imp: :stuck_out_tongue:

To be clear i like 8 Drum Tracks, 8 VSTi tracks, 4 mix busses, 4 fx Busses.
So the total is 24 tracks and on the mackie that should work fine, if i could do this…
But just cant withou destroying the Main Window (or what others say the Main Mixer).

I hid FX tracks in the arrangement window as well as in the mixer window. And the Generic Remote still maps to them.

Confirmed, you are right. With Generic Remote, it doesn’t help to hide the Channel.

Maybe this can be a point for fixing for Cubase ???