Trying to Import Key Commands?

When I try to import 9.5 key commands to Cubase 10 I get: ‘this is not a key commands file!’
So I created and saved a test key commands file in CUbase 10.
When I attempted to ‘import’ that same new file, I got the same message: ‘this is not a key commands file!’
Looks like your Import function is not working if it can’t even load it’s own file.

This is a vestigial function from antique times, when pterodactyls still roamed the land. :wink: I think it was for importing Cubase VST key command files into Cubase SX.

Now, you should be able to save a key commands preset in C9.5, and copy it manually to the C10 key command presets folder.

e.g., from
%Appata%\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64\Presets\KeyCommands

%Appata%\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64\Presets\KeyCommands

It Worked !! You saved me a lot of work, Steve. Thank you!

For others with this problem, I would like to add:

Before you Copy the Key Commands file, be sure Cubase is closed.
Once you Launch Cubase, open the Key Commands window.
Click on the Presets Select option and select the name of the Key Commands file.
NOW, the Key Commands and your Macros are loaded, and will be there next time you launch Cubase.

Wouldn’t it be easier to create and export a profile from 9.5 and import it to 10?

Yes, chiming in here. I recommend using the “profiles” feature. For most users it’s sufficient to just rename the “Default” profile in 9.5 and importing it in 10. This will contain a lot of your current settings including key commands.

I tried to use a Profile file to move key commands and preferences/ and was unsuccessful/
This has never worked for me since version 5 / Every time i upgrade i have to re enter all my key commands and preferences/
Now you’re telling me i have to copy the preset file from 9.5 to 10 ? Isn’t that what software upgrades are supposed to do for you? :smiley:

PS/ another issue/ i used to be able to edit an audio track in a window that would back up to before the waveform i was editing if i clicked on the top bar / now i am constrained to use the tiny slider at the bottom of the track window every time/ I tried typing F for stationary cursor mode/ but this nice feature has been gone for the last few releases/ anyone else have this issue? Thanks all / I’ve used cubase since the late 80’s and am now having trouble keeping up!

Profiles are new- did not exist in Cubase 5. I use that feature and find that it works consistently.

i realize profiles didn’t exist in 5, but i could save (and successfully recall) a .key file in cubase 5.

Yes, from Cubase VST or SX 1, the last to export .key files, iirc.

Save a preset in 9.5, then fish it out of the presets folder, and copy or move it to the C10 Key Commands Preset folder. Doing this once a year doesn’t seem too laborious.

Or delete the Cubase 10 prefs folder and then run Cubase 10, when it initializes, it will bring over your prefs assuming the files are accessible to the installer.

thanks/ i’ll try that! :smiley:

Why isn’t there a worthwhile preset browser BOTH for exporting and importing presets.
Seems somewhat amateurish and ill thought through.
Just saying.

There’s one in the Key Commands Dialog.

If you save a preset of your Key Commands, the drop down menu will be populated with it, and you can switch between them. Also, the preset folder normally will be copied over to a new installation.

The way to “import” key commands now is to save a Profile, and import it using the Profile Manager

(Actually presets are not something that one imports or exports. )

Of course it is.
In Logic Pro X it’s super easy to both save and load key command presets. Apple understands the importance.

I work with Cubase in several different studios. Every studio usually use their own key commands so it’s a real workflow enhancer to be able to bring your own key command preset, however, not an entire profile.

So, why is loading a profile not a good option?

Loading a new profile changes a lot of things including:

  • Input and output settings (buses)
  • Plugin collections

If you’re on a single computer - that might make sense, but if you are on totally different systems and bring a profile from another computer with a different soundcard setup and different plugins, in my experience, this will only mess things up.

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%AppData% :slight_smile:

I have the same problem for importing my keycommands (Cc backup). I cannot import them (grayed out) So I tried to copy Library/preferences/Cubase10/Keycommands from backup to main disk. But that didn’t workout either …

I really need my old keycommands, because I programmed a big bunch of them to my likings for Cubase handling.

I really do think Steinberg should prioritize this need for our pro users…

For Mac users who still can’t import keycommands-

I just discovered a fix:
There are two folder paths /Library/Preferences/Cubase10/Keycommands and Users/Library/Preferences/Cubase10/Keycommands. You need to use the last given folder. This folder is hidden, so you need to unhide it (SHIFT+CMD+.) then you can enter this folder. Copy your backups to this path and you see your keycommands appear in your list!

It’s crazy that in 2019 you still can’t easily load and save Key Command presets arbitrarily in Cubase. :unamused:

I was baffled by how convoluted it is to import key commands into this new version.
What’s the point of saving key commands if when you try to import that very same file it says “this is not a key command file”!?!?!
…maybe…address this in the next update Steinberg??

please read the thread.

I understand how to do it, I’m just baffled by the complexity of it.