Trying to import Vids

I have some MP4 videos created some time ago on Quick Time and they won’t import in to Cubase (11 Pro). Yet, I have downloaded some free MP4 vids from the web created more recently and they (some) seem to import ok? I understand that Quicktime is no longer supported but is an Mp4 the same format what ever it was created on? Or am I not getting the problem here?



Hi @Brookfield67 ,
MP4 is not a video, it is only a container for videos. When you understand that you understand the most important thing about videos in general.
It is most likely your old MP4 include video codecs that are no longer supported in the new video engine that ships with newer versions of Cubase and Nuendo.
I created a tool kit exactly for that and to bring back the missing Replace Audio In Video that was dropped in recent versions.
It costs a bit but it makes your life so easy that I thing it worth it.
Personally I prefer converting everything into ProRes Proxy as it plays back wonderful but you can of course keep everything as MP4 only adjusting the video codec to h264 that is supported in all Steinberg software.
Check it out and PM me if you have any questions or suggestions to improve;)

Hi and thanks for supporting. i have sorted it now. You are right about the codecs and I get what you are saying about MP4 and updated codecs now. I had some older format vids but the providers have supplied me with more up to date versions so all good for a while at least.

Thanks again though,

All the best,



Great to hear @Brookfield67 , I’m glad I could be of help and you have everything under control now.
If you use h264 videos and experience sluggish/stuttering video playback in Cubase/Nuendo, I recommend converting those videos into ProRes Proxy, it may look bigger in size on your computer but in fact it works much better in editing software because it uses much fewer system resources and frees a lot of processing power to deal with audio. (just an extra useful tip;)

Good stuff, thanks for the advice. Cheers

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