Trying to increase beam's flag length - can't, will be glad for guidance

Hello to the fantastic Dorico team.

Needs a bit of a help here.

I am trying to increase length of beam’s flag length. as you can see they are very short in the picture when systems between pages:
( bars 110->111 and in contrast to bar 107… ) I’d like to give it a bit more room / presence.
I have tried to do so in engrave mode but I can’t. it is as if the option was blocked. I am not sure how to address it in ctrl+shft+e.
Thanks very much in advanced…

Cheers - Rami.

You can move whole beams, or just one end, up/down in Engrave mode in the usual ways of graphic editing: select what you want to move, then use Alt/Opt-arrow keys (add Ctrl/Cmd to move by a larger amount).

For default Engraving Options for gaps between notes and beams, try looking as well in Notes > Stems, as really what you’re changing by positioning beams closer/further from notes, is the length of the stem that connects the notehead to the beam.

@Lillie_Harris ,

I don’t think Ram wanted to extend the stem but to lengthen the beam in 110 to extend farther to the right towards the page break.

Perhaps the solution would be to move 110 to the following page.

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Thank you Lillie for adding info.

Thank you Derrek.
So eventually the way I’ve solved this was to use lines… and edit these lines in engrave mode.
I don’t recall now how did I got rid of the 1/8th flag of the beam ( I checked & didn’t see a hiding option for the flag ) .
I understood that it is not the best idea to create frame breaks… so I try to avoid these if I can.
Anyways - this was my solution for the problem - thanks you all very much for participating (bars 110->111) :