Trying to install Cubase LE bundle with serial code on a new laptop


back in 2006 I did purchase a E-MU 1820m soundcard with Cubase LE bundle - so I guess it was LE6, not sure.

Anyway, I’ve got a card with serial code for this Cubase LE bundle.

Now, the computer where Cubase was installed broke down and I need to install Cubase on my new laptop, but there is no CD drive on my new laptop.

Furthermore, the old email account I was using back then it doesn’t exist anymore. Therefore I’ve just opened yesterday a new Steinberg account with my new email address.
But, as I’ve read on this forum that In a mail sent in February 2020, Steinberg offered all registered users of Cubase AI 4 and newer and Cubase LE 4 and newer a free update to the latest version, I could not receive such email.

Please, is it possible somehos to download a free Cubase LE using the serial code I have on such bundle?

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

I sent you PM.