Trying to install Cubase SL3


I’ve just received a copy of Cubase SL3 that I bought from eBay. It has the disc, USB dongle and manual. The disc came in a plain plastic case and there is no original box.

However, when I go to install the software on my Mac it asks for a user name and serial number (which the manual says should be on the DVD sleeve, which I do not have). I have installed the elicense control centre and registered my dongle to mysteinberg and tried using that information as the user name and serial number but it won’t work.

I simply can’t get past the first stage of installation because I don’t know what the serial number is.

If anybody can help I’d be enormously grateful. Thanks in advance.

as serial - should work for version SL 3.0 install discs.

Thanks so much guys, I really, really appreciate your help!

One quick thing though, does the dongle always have to be attached?



No, only if you want to run Cubase… :wink:

That’s going to be weird to get used to!

Once again, many thanks to you both :smiley:

lol, winner here :laughing: