Trying to mimic the HL Real Book style


1— Is there a way to make the last double-bar at the end of the first stave be hidden?

2— I’ve hidden the time signature 4/4 from the end, si it possible to show it at the start of the second stave?

3— I’ve also a little problem, because I copied the melody from a piano system with chord symbols already entered, now they don’t show at all. Am I making something wrong? When I hit cmd+Q I get already chord symbols showing but not on the score.


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Can we have an option like Open measure (no barline) to this menu?


like this:


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  1. Provided you don’t have another start repeat barline at the start of a system that requires a double barline at the end of the previous system, you can switch off the option in the Repeats section of the Barlines page of Engraving Options to hide that double barline.

But I think a better approach would be to use an empty music frame added to your master page and have it filled with blank manuscript staves. See here. Obviously in this case you have the wrinkle of wanting to show a grace note at the end of the system as well.

Users have asked for the ability to show a double barline at the end of the system prior to a start repeat barline to be switchable on a case-by-case basis and that is something we will consider for future versions.

  1. You can’t hide cautionary time signatures in Dorico, but you could add another time signature at the start of the first full bar, I guess?

  2. You need to check the settings for your player in Setup mode. See here.


Thanks Daniel for your support, but I figure it out in a different manner. I added a Text Frame where I typed = equal sign many times, setting the text font to my RealScoreMM: 20 points, then tried to resize the frames to match the final look below:

Note: there’s a little thickness with my RSMM’s equal sign staff line which can be tweaked through FL7. The length of the = glyph should also be enlarged a bit. to fit how Dorico draw its staff lines.

Hi Daniel,

Something very weird with my chord symbols, on beat-3 of the 2nd bar I put a B°7 chord, on measure-5 I entered Bb7 chord, but they till don’t show even the settings below:

In Write mode, when I make Shif + Q on the beat that miss the chord symbols, the chords are already there:


Am I doing something wrong?


Can you attach the project itself? It’s very hard to diagnose these kinds of problems from pictures alone.