trying to mouse/scroll in MixConsole changes values instead

Hi - Last night I was trying to “scroll” the rack so I could drag the Sends into view when the screen was filled w/ EQ data. Instead of the rack sliding up or down, the values in the eq were changed instead. The only way I could get to the Sends was to try to find a thin sliver of screen where the mouse wouldn’t change any values. BTW, this happened either w/click/hold/drag, or using the mousewheel.

I’m sure there’s a simple way to do this … can someone point it out please?


You have to pay very close attention, not to the sound you are tweaking,
but making sure you don’t screw up your mix settings when scrolling.
You could leave empty tracks as spacers, pronounced (safe scroll areas) in your project/mixer.

Has anyone found a way to safely scroll the rack.
When I say safely, I mean absolutely zero chance that you might mess up a setting?
You know, like it should be.

Wow, this really a thing? I figured it was just my usual obtuseness that had an easy fix.