Trying to nudge audio

I am trying to line up audio with a drum track and the audio is just a hair off and I can’t seem to “nudge” it by “just a hair” it is snapping too early or to late. Can I just enter a start value or really just move it ever so slightly one way or the other? I tried setting grid and quantize to 1/128 but it doesn’t seem to really work. Seems there has to be a way but my searches are not helping. Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

Switch your main Ruler to Timecode or Seconds. Then you can nudge on level of frames or milliseconds. Or disable Snap completely.

Use the Project Logical editor so the you can shift by the audio without having to change or turn anything off. You can save a preset that shifts the selected audio event/s by 1 sample or frame etc… either forward or back.

Something like this:

I have a Ruler “track” set to Timecode, so how do I nudge? shift click, shift drag, right left arrows? none of these do anything. Thanks.

So searching help for Project Logical Editor gives me no help at all… so how do I get to the Project Logical Editor screen that I see in your image? Thanks.

It should be in the top menu under Edit->Project Logical editor.

Are you using Cubase Pro? Reason is that this is a Cubase “Pro” feature only.

To use the “Nudge Palette” you have to make sure that you have the “Grid Type” set to “use quantize”. A 1/128 should then be just about the “hair” you are looking for.
So, click on the “Set up Toolbar” icon and make sure Nudge Palette and Grid Type are selected.