Trying to open a document I got a blue screen of death

I was trying to open a new project of cinema orchestra, and when the pc tried to load the vst sounds it was stopped and crashed in a blue screen of the dead. Some help?

Had you previously quit (for some other reason) or Dorico crashed?

If so, try restarting your machine: there is a circumstance when the Audio Engine itself needs restarting independently of Dorico.

I’m very sorry you experienced a crash, but it’s basically impossible for Dorico itself, or the audio engine, to cause a “blue screen of death” crash: this is almost certainly caused by one or more of the drivers on your system, most likely your audio drivers. Have a look and see if any driver updates are available for your audio hardware.

Try running the whocrashed tool (see this earlier post about it: Many BlueScreen crashes - #6 by PaulWalmsley - Dorico - Steinberg Forums ), which should tell you which driver that is causing the problem.

If you have a USB audio device try connecting it to a different port, reinstalling the drivers, checking there’s enough power.