Trying to play back a video in Cubase

Hi to the forum,

I’m trying to get a video to playback in Cubase which is of a composition video, so I can loop parts of it, so that I can keep watching it and write down the notes on manuscript that the Tutor is playing - transcribe it that is.

I have software that will convert the video to just about any format, and I converted the original to an mp4. However, when I hit play, I just get these video “shots” that are kind of like still shots, but with movement happening once, and then it seems to sit still and not do anything even though the play cursor is moving. I also extracted the audio from the same video file.

I must be using the wrong file format. Could someone please give me a file format that will be best to import the video file as?

Thank you for any advice someone can give me here.



Assuming you’re in Cubase 5.5, Quicktime Player is your video device so with that being said, any file that will run in Quicktime will be the right file for you. If you still have that problem after complying with these protocols, then your problem lies elsewhere. You might also want to list some of your setup so others can better assist you. (computer, Cubase version etc)

Hi Suprawill1,

thank you for your reply and help. I do appreciate that :smiley: .

The only problem is that I cannot seem to find where the Quick Time player is. I can find the default video player in the devices window or F8, but not the Quick Time Player.

Could you please tell me where I can access the Quick Time Player?

If you can, that would be great!!

Thanks and best,

Steve :smiley: