Trying to record multiple BPMs

Hi I am new to Cubase and I am trying to record a song for my band but I am having issues. The intro to the song starts off at 120 BPM and then after the intro is finished it jumps to 133 BPM. I have been trying to get it just switch to 133 BPM right after the intro but I can’t get it to. It always returns to 120 BPM. I don’t want to have two separate projects for the 2 BPMs and have to copy and paste. Can anyone help me with the tempo change. I know that I don’t keep it in fixed. Like I said I am totally new to this program so any help with be greatly appreciated.


you can either use the Tempo Track in the Project window and make your changes there or open the Tempo Track Editor (CTRL+T or Project menu -> Tempo Track). You will need to make sure the track and / or editor are enabled (they are by default) - I use the Tempo Track usually; you can enter tempo changes with the pencil tool (pencil in the toolbar or key 8) it is also possible to enter “ramp” changes, use the snap, alter the tempo signature and so on.

Detailed information can be found in the manual from page 610 on (English version).