Trying to recover as much data as possible from old Cubase project

This may be a shot in the dark, but I gotta ask. If you have an old Cubase project which the author used some plugins on that you don’t have in your setup, you can open it and you will see the name of the plugin in the inserts section, but because you don’t have it installed, you won’t see even a screenshot of the settings as the original author had them.

So for example the author might have used a specific parametric EQ with 4 bands, the fourth one at 12 Khz +6 dB and Q 0.5, but you won’t see that unless you have the same plugin installed. Sometimes, if the project is too old, you might not even see it if the newer version is installed.

But that information gets saved with the project file, right? Meaning, the .cpr file should have, somewhere inside, the name of the plugin and all the parameters that were changed, and how they were changed, isn’t that correct?

So with that in mind, would it be possible to extract that information, even if the current person opening the project doesn’t have some of the plugins installed? In some cases it would be pointless because it might be a plugin that produces a sound that no other plugin can; but if it’s an EQ, compressor, etc, effects that can be replaced by other effects that one has, it would be useful to see what the original author changed.