Trying to remove pop-up screen on loading Cubase


I made the mistake of downloading some of the (what I assume are) non-free “Instrument Essentials” (“Blues”, “Pop”, “Beat”, “Alternative”) and when loading Cubase each time I get the pop-up prompt saying that these couldn’t be loaded because the license was missing or time-limited. Do you know where I can find these downloads in my PC so I can remove them so I don’t keep seeing this pop-up?



That function is in the Steinberg Library Manager

Many thanks, Steve.

I’ve now found them and removed them. I presume they were all paid-for VST instrument voices. Am I right in thinking if it says “recommended” then it’s free, if say’s “optional” then it isn’t?

Thanks again,


Actually, I don’t think optional=paid.

OK, Steve, thanks again.