Trying to set-up my Axiom Pro keyboard controller with OS X

HI All,
I just pick up a pristine Axiom Pro keyboard controller for use with Nuendo. I’ve been told that I need to download the “Axiom Pro Cubase HyperControl installer” for my OS X operating system on my Macbook Pro. They further added that it needs to be the version for Cubase 6 (and it will work with Nuendo) which I understand was the last version produced by M-Audio.
The problem is that I can’t find the download file anywhere for a Mac. No problem finding one for Windows.
I not only purchased this controller for it’s key action but for the ability to control my recording software features.
I’ve checked all of the legitimate sites and a few of the questionable ones to no avail, can anyone help?

That device is supposed to be class compliant, and doesn’t need drivers for Mac. Have you tried just plugging it in?


I think, Axiom Pro with Hypercontrol was made in the time-period, when Avid was an owner of M-Audio. Try to search for it on Avid sides (and good luck, it’s really a pain to find something on their web…).

Oh, SteveInChicago was faster… That would be great but… I would say, you need the Hypercontrol anyway. I mean, you don’t (as you said) the driver, but Hypercontrol is a dedicated (bidirectional) comunication protocol. Or am I wrong?

except for this: :frowning: