Trying to split a 5.1.4 into 5.1 and .4 groups

Hey all, I’m trying to do some very odd routing and downmixing to fit my output needs. I’ve come up with a solution that works by splitting up my 5.1.4 bus into two groups of the bottom, and the top channels.

I’m currently doing this by sending from my first bus to two separate busses, and using the Mix Convert V6 to turn down the top channels on the bottom bus, and solo the top channels on the Top bus. This all works great except for one problem - the “solo” button doesn’t save its state in the plugin, so it is very error prone to remember to click it every time I open a session, or start a new session from a template.

Are there any alternate ideas here? The TL;DR is that I want a 5.1.4 bus, but turn down some of the channels in a way that I can save with the session.

Thanks in advance for the help!

So what are trying to achieve? You might try simply inserting the Mix Delay plug-in on the track and adjusting from there.

I think the best idea to give you good control over your routing

is - first to split your audio to mono tracks then organize it to mono tracks ( L,R,C …etc )
after that create group and from the BUS panel ( that you find after pressing F4)
activate mono child busses for your 5.1.4 group

now you can each channel directly to its position and you can do the tricks you want with better control.

you can do it in other ways like ( 5.1.4 group, with 5.1 child bus, and 2 stereo busses for the top ) I guess there is a way to make quadro channel for the top as child bus.

this is an example

so now you can route your separated tracks to this group’s child busses the way you want.