Trying to Swap CC11 and CC1 in HS -- with Input Transformer

Hollywood Strings has CC1 assigned to Vibrato, while CC11 is assigned to Expression. I’m trying to swap CC11 and CC1 by using the Input Transformer. Someone at VI Control is helping me out, but I’m still running into a problem.

What I’d like to have happen is:
When I play my MIDI controller Mod Wheel (CC1), I want CC1 to change to CC11. And when I move my Expression slider for CC1, I want that to become CC1. I can actually do all this with the Input Transformer and it works (below are the screen shots of the transformers to do this).

BUT!! In Cubase, in the Controller Lanes, my Mod Wheel (CC1 to CC11) is showing up as CC11 data, like you’d think it would. And, you guessed it, the Expression slider’s output is showing up as CC1 data. I’d like for the Mod Wheel, though, to remain visually as CC1 data in the Controller Lane while really being CC11 going to Play. Same for the Expression Slider – I’d like to see it as CC11 (though it’s really been converted to CC1)

Whew. Anyone know a way to do that? I’m plumb befuddled bamboozled.

Attached are the three Transformers I have now. The first one sends CC11 to CC110 as a temporary measure so CC11 and CC1 don’t cancel each other out.

Thanks for the help if you have an idea.


Use the transformers in the MIDI inserts pane instead of using the Input transformer so it only changes after the MIDI is already recorded.

Got it. Thanks. Everything working great now.