Trying to transfer computers

None of the articles help. Whenever I click on reactivation I’m not finding a new code anywhere between the eliscenser control panel on the computer where it’s still installed or my new computer to try to transfer the software to a new computer. I’m stuck with the code that can only be 1 per computer, and it’s been the most infuriating project and none of the guides really help anywhere. Every time I check for the code on my old elicenser it’s still the old code. Please help?

What Cubase version are you using?

If it is a version like CB Elements that uses a SeL (soft eLicenser) you would follow the instructions for “reactivation” to move your Cubase to the other computer.

If your Cubase version is Artist or Pro then the license is on the USB eLicenser. You just need to install Cubase and the latest eLicense software onto the new computer, move the USB eLicenser dongle to the new computer and you should be all set. No codes required.

Note… if you are trying to use your Cubase software on 2 computers at the same time it can’t be done unless you purchase a 2nd license. When the license is stored on a USB eLicense (dongle) then you can use on a 2nd computer when you move the dongle to it.

Regards. :slight_smile: