Trying to update VST Connect 5.5 to 5.6 for Steinberg Licencing

On the site, it says to click on “Vouchers” in “My Steinberg Acount” to redeem my download access code, but for starters, there is no vouchers tab (anymore at least. However, there is a “Redeem Dwnload Access Code” button that prompts me to input my download access code (DAC), but I have not received an access code. Am I to supposedly find an email from 2 years ago with my download access code? DAC is not in “My Syeinberg”, or in my e-licenser either, only serial numbers. I want to be free of the dongle, but the Steinberg site seems not to be updated in their instructions, and, or, their email delivery is not working.

Hi @Michael_Garding,

you can read more here in a support article. Your VST Connect license needs to be registered in your MySteinberg account.

See you,