Trying to upgrade to 3.5


I’m trying to upgrade from Dorico 3.0 Pro to 3.5. I’ve signed in to my account and tried purchasing it twice. Both times, after entering in my credit card information, I get a screen asking me to sign it (even though I already did that). After I click on it, a 404 error pops up. I don’t think I was charged and I haven’t received an email. Help?


I’m really sorry to hear you’re having problems with the purchase, Tim. Please contact the Nexway/AskNet support team for help with the online shop. You can raise a ticket with them here.

If you’re desperate to get started with Dorico 3.5 right away and you’ve already used your 30-day trial period, let me know and I can send you another time-limited license that will give you another period of use while you’re getting the purchase sorted out.

Was this issue resolved? If so, how? I’m presently having the same problem trying to buy a Groove Agent expansion.

Sorry to hear that, rtorstrick. Unfortunately we’re unable to provide detailed help with the online shop here: please raise a ticket with the team at AskNet here.