Trying to use 32bit VSTs (was Convert VST2 to VST3)

Hi there I have an old Dolby E and Dolby Pro Logic II VST2 plugin, is there a way to use it with Nuendo 12, I have paid for these plugins and I still want to use them an there is no VST3 version

VST2 plugins can be used in Cubendo.

I am getting an info “VST 32 bit plugins are no longer supported” in Cubase 12

That’s a 32/64 bit code issue, not a question of VST2 or VST3 format. You need a wrapper that puts a 64-bit “umbrella” over 32-bit plug-ins. On Windows I use jBridge for that task with good success.

jBridge ( for Windows ) | J's stuff



I have tried using jBridge but no success, my plugins don’t pop up for some reason, I have added files created by jBridge to VST3 directory for Nuendo 12 / Cubase 12 to find

They aren’t magically converted to VST3 (which would mean: to a different functionality), only to 64bit code. Add the proper path to Nuendo’s plug-in management and they should work.

VST 2 Plug-in Path Settings