Trying to use line5/6 for OverHead Mics uR44

im wanting to use the line 5 and line 6 inputs for my overhead mics.,., do I need to use a mixer for this as its a line level input? let me know please how I do this., using the front four inputs for kick, snare rack tom and floor tom., i know its a bit over kill I guess but I have the mics so I want to use them :wink: just want to utilize the back side of the ur44 line 5/6 inputs for my OH mics!
thank you

You will need a preamp to amplify the signal from the mics before feeding it into the line inputs 5/6.

You can use a mixer, outboard preamps, anything really that has a preamp and a line level signal out.

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ok thank you for the reply! I really appreciate it!
so, gotcha! i’m going to pick up a mixer… and what is this dspmixfx I have been seeing in other posts i’ve read? will that work too or is that something completely different?
otherwise it looks like I need a mixer
so I go from the mic to the mixer input and then from the mixer output I send that to channel 5/6 on my ur44…pan left and right and thats it., it will record through the ur44?

DespmixFX is a virtual mixer that controls the line outs of your UR44C. You can have 2 different mixes playing from the 2 different pairs of outputs or headphone jacks. Example: you are recording with a friend. You are playing guitar, they are singing. You want to hear more guitar which is in inputs 1&2, but your friend wants to hear less guitar and more voice which is on input 3. DSPMixFX allows you to do that so headphone 1 has different monitoring levels than headphone 2. It will also allow you to add reverb, compression and eq to the monitor mix without latency so you can record with pretty inspiring sound as opposed to dry, uncompressed signal which is far less inspiring.

What dspMixFx is not is a mixer with preamps. It will only control the monitor levels or onboard DSP if the UR44C.

Your best bet, find a cheap used analog mix console and call it a day. I used to have the UR44C and found myself in a similar situation. I eventually upgraded to the ur816c to have 8-in and the option of expanding to 16 with ADAT.

Best of luck! Happy mixing!

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Re: the panning, it will depend on the mixer you end up with. If it has separate line outputs per channel, no panning. If it sums to stereo, yes, you’ll pan 1 track hard left, the other hard right and run the stereo output of the mixer into channels 5/6 of the UR44C.

ok well, it looks like I will be picking up the xtuga 120s usb tomorrow, would you be able to tell me anything about this unit? and how will I go about hooking up the type of setup i’m wanting.,

Don’t know that device but a quick google search looks like you’ll have to pan the inputs hard left/right and send main outputs (Left & Right) into your interface.

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What are the mics? Condenser? Phantom power?

they are condenser mics, not phantom power

Condenser mics require phantom power. Please make sure the mixer you intend on purchasing can send phantom power otherwise you will not be able to use your mics as intended.

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Condenser mics, always require phantom power (very few can use batteries instead) except they are tube microphones, they mostly have a dedicated power supply.

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yes ok, my mistake, yes they require phantom power and yes this mixer has Phantom power!

SO, I got it home and hooked everything up and viola! I have a signal going through input 5/6 on my Ur44 …i did a recording sample and on play back, line input 6 is working fine but input 5 shows a signal has been recorded and is actually moving as I play it back but I hear nothing out of input 5 all the other inputs are working as they should., I checked the audio connection and it is routed to the correct input 5 mono path, im kinda not sure why at the moment? i will try another channel on the mixer but again, like I said it shows that it recorded a signal and I dont hear anything coming out of input 5. input 6 works like a charm and yes the monitor button was turned off on playback…

also I noticed that the mic level on input 5 was lower than the mic level on input 6 before I recorded.
I figure they should be picking up equal levels correct? they are at equal heights and the same mic…maybe I will swap mics and see if still the same thing is happening …

Is there maybe an option i dont have on in cubase that could be or is preventing sound coming from input 5? also in the studio setup it shows all inputs are active so I dont know