Trying to use Two Articulations (- and .) on one note

I am no longer able to add two articulations to one note (tenuto & staccato). It was working yesterday, but is not allowed today. I select the Staccato button and get the “.”, but when I try to add the “-”, the “.” is replaced with a “-”.
Is there a setting to allow this? (I am on the Subscription Model)



Try the articulation that has both signs (it’s 8 on my keyboard)… Note that it’s different from staccato (2) and tenuto (4)
Sorry, I didn’t see you were on the iPad. Well, it should be there too (it’s always been there, since Dorico 1 :wink:)

Thanks, Marc!

It was working yesterday I use the icons in the Articulation menu. I’ve entered six Scores with Parts so far, and all was good with those. Today, selecting the second Articulation replaces the first.

I’ll keep looking after dinner.


That is because the one you’re looking for is a third one, the last on the articulations list.

See the attached for the key command:

I think it’s impossible to add staccato and then tenuto if you want them both. You have to select the combined staccato/tenuto articulation

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Got it! Thank you!
I was looking at the menu with the keyboard. I guess that I was thinking about building a Staccato and Accent. I’m still an early amateur!



Thank you, Daniel!
I was looking on the wrong screen.
There is one for “_” over “.” on my iPad.