Trying to write an LE command to apply a CC crescendo to notes

I am trying to write a MIDI Logical Editor command to apply a CC ramp to a note for the duration of the note.
I have found a way to make a ramp over the duration of the cycle marker, but not of an individual note.
What combo am I looking for?

How about a macro that

  1. Selects the note
  2. Sets the cycle marker to the note’s start/end
  3. Run your LE Preset

Haha. I was thinking of just asking you directly!

Anyway, I was afraid I might have to do something a bit circuitous for that.
I was hoping I could make some more complex curves and copy those even.
My point would be to select notes and use a Metagrid button to apply crescendos/decrescendos sforzando and the like.

Now I’m looking into note expression to see if custom curves can be done that way.

The LE really prefers to modify existing stuff over creating new stuff. Can you post the LE Preset you have that does the lines.

One thought on the Metagrid side you can have it send out regular MIDI data which you could record in Cubase. Maybe have buttons for various note lengths and curve shapes.

I’m working with a lot of imported midi from notation that I’ve done. I have to edit a lot of the information to play things correctly.
What I am trying achieve here is the ability to automate certain CC shapes on existing notes. With articulations I have them set to expression maps as “attribute” then select a group of notes and select an articulation from the dropdown menu. With dynamics I would like to apply CC shapes on any note I select, as it becomes tedious to draw them in. Just trying brainstorm a way to assign these to Metagrid buttons so that I could select a note and hit the button. I’ve made a whole scene of buttons for MIDI for selection and manipulation of MIDI data, just trying to extend that.
I’m messing around with the dynamics lane, but I don’t like that the only applicable are “<” and “>”, nor do I like that I can’t see the curve printed on my CC lane and I think it overrides any data appearing on the CC lane it is connected to (in this case CC2).

Not sure what you mean here. Recording it in I would just go with a controller. I don’t think I can tell Metagrid to insert CC values over the range of a note.

Well it is half an idea at best :open_mouth:

I was thinking that it might be like using a controller. Except with a controller you have to perform the change in real time. But maybe (and the more I think about it the less sense this makes) Metagrid could playback a sequence of MIDI data that can be recorded.

What you’re trying to do would be a pretty cool capability.