TS unbalanced output from UR824?

Hi, does anyone know if I can connect a unbalanced TS cable to the line outputs on my UR824?

Sten Espen

Yes. (page 5 in the users manual)



regarding this, do you know or does someone know what kind of balanced outputs have these interfaces? I own a UR-RT4 but I guess this whole family has similar outputs. What I mean is if the balanced outputs are built as “impedance balanced” (the cheap way to build balanced) or active balance. The servo kind I doubt it, because it is expensiver and makers would announce it with big letters if that would be the case.

I have searched but can’t find this information. The fact that the manual says the outputs can be connected to an unbalanced input does not necessarily mean that they are the impedance balanced type (no problem with TS connectors) because in some cases the active type can manage a TS connector if the outputs are properly protected.

The manual doesn’t give this information. In another interface I own, a Presonus one, manual says impedance balanced, so it is clear.

I have no idea what kind of balancing is used on the outputs., sorry.