TT dynamic range meter

Hey everybody, long time no see!

I had to do a clean install because of a new harddrive and now I can’t find the TT dynamic range meter.
It was a free download some years ago but they didn’t update it :frowning:
Does anyone has a copy for me?




I struggled to find it when building a new system recently - continually confusing it with the offline version (1.1). It’s (1.4)

If you pm me with an email address, I have it here in the form of a folder that goes into VST plugins.


I have responded to PM

Also try here for further information

Thank you Parrotspain for helping out.
Loggin in to this forum, asking and within hours a solution. Made my day.

I have the DVD mastering tutorial from Tishmeyer, I was familiar with the site you linked, but yes, the meter is still flashing aroud but you can not download it, very strange…


Heya Dylan, that’s been a while :slight_smile:


Yes, had a busy year, so you still active here?

Oops, missed that post.
Guess I’m not all that active, just happened to ran into you post.

Ik hoop dat t goed met je gaat! :wink: