Ttrouble getting Lexicon Omega driver to work

I have just bought a Lexicon Omega, I had an Alpha for years with no problems so bought Lexicon again.
I am running Cubase 7.02 on Win 7 64 bit.
I load drivers and then can’t find them even though they installed ok.
I set the VST to Omega drives and get no response in record or playback

What am I doing wrong?


Hi, Dewey,
Have you set everything, inputs/outputs, in Cubase the same as you did with the Alpha, and are the Omega drivers 64bit compatible?
I’m guessing the Alpha drivers were/are 32bit.


Thanks Mauri,

Yes mate set up is the same.
I can get the system to work but it then just drops out after 10-15 seconds of recording or playback.
Bit frustrating.
Considering going backwards to a working system, except need more imputs.


Are you using the driver that came on CD with the unit, or have you downloaded the latest drivers from the Lexcicon website?

I have a Lambda, which worked fine in 32bit, but died when I went to C7 64bit. But after downloading and re-installing the latest drivers it has worked without problems.