Tuba in Eb??

Hi there!

I’m a switcher from finale and so far I really enjoy Dorico but there’s one thing i’m breaking my brains on.
Normally I write for Bb and Eb tuba’s but for some reason I’m not in a position to change the transposition. It’s fixed in Bb.
In finale I could just change the transposition. How do I Do this in Dorico? The must be an option?

Thanks for replying guys & girls!

I found it recently. In the instrumentlist.

  • In SetUp-window: choose New Instrument (+)
  • Under Brass: Choose Bass (The you’ll find both Tuba in Bb or Eb)

Or change your “recent” Brass instrument: In the same window:

  • Open the instrumentwith >
  • Use the “next” > with holding the mouse over the second instrumentname
  • Choose Change instrument

The naming og the deep brass isn’t quite obvious: Tuba, Bass Tuba and just Bass

Good luck. Hope it works
Arne Dich

In UK brass bands, they are called “Bb and Eb basses”, not “tubas”.

Great. Tnx guys!