Tubular Bells (cover)

hi there,here`s a few sections from tubular bells with a great gig in the sky effect at the end,thanks.


wow…good stuff, interesting version/take on it, always prefer an original song/instrumental and am curious why you don’t do something in this vein but your own work, you clearly know what your doing musically and production wise, Kevin

Wow, you have a lot of variety in one piece, makes it very interesting to listen to, I like your bass lines and interesting harmonies and the perc is phenomenal. Michael.

thanks kevin ,as regards doing stuff in this vein ,as long as it has good original melodys id try any vein , prog does seem to be in fashion right now and it as definitely got the juices flowing .by the way i realy dont know what i`m doing ,but i am a trying .thanks

scuse my ignorance but you say “prog” is in fashion now…what is “prog”? I just know I’m gonna feel stupid when you tell me :blush: …Kevin

thanks Michael .glad you like it ,hope the interesting harmonies you speak of isn`t the dodgy bass part that acompanys the diminished section :blush: ,glad you like the drums,i am trying but programing drums is a chore for me and some of the sections are starting to grate on me . Ta

hi kevin ,progressive rock ,in the vein of early 70`bands, lots to mention english bands would include pink floyd , emerson lake & palmer , king crimson or none commercial album bands i suppose ,thats probably why punk bands appeared a refreshing or annoying return to basics.

I like this. Loving the 80’s synth sounds! There’s something about the drum kit that comes in at 2:40 to 3:00 that doesn’t quite sit right for me. I think it’s the tone of the snare drum, to me, it doesn’t quite match the rest of the track.

Well done anyway!

cheers wes,i actualy like the contrast of the kit although it might be a bit extreme , there are two loops at that point ,a drum loop and a percussion loop ,i think the percussion loop is not blending right with the drum loop ,it sounds a bit like a scratched record but not intentionally .


Ah…ok, never heard it shortened to "prog"before…I’d be very happy if the music of the late sixties and early seventies returned (rock music that is) cause I missed all that stuff

i love that era


Yeah…you forgot these unsung heroes…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi0e7brHdMQ

I’m a huge Mike Oldfield fan,
Tubular Bells through Tubular Bells II, with the exception of the truly awful Earth Moving and Heavens Open, are awesome records. I’ve owned multiple copies of all of them, something like 11 albums.

This is nice stuff.

I don’t know if you guys have heard of Colin Mason, he did a release called Isle of Eight, which is basically a Mike Oldfield homage as it sounds pretty much like a collage of Mike Oldfield music. It’s pretty good if not a bit Indy sounding from a production standpoint.

i never heard of these ,glad you brought them up though ,i love this kind of trippy jamming.

thanks JMCecil, glad you approve cause i did give it a dance spin , tubular bells would definitely be on my desert island disc list,when i was a teenager it was one of those albums where me and groups of my friends would gather together to listen to which was always an enjoyable experience and still is a joy to hear now. i checked out Isle of Eight on utube but it was only an 8 minute clip ,i see what you mean he has a Mike Oldfield or even early Yes type sound, his guitar vibrato is just the same as Mike`s.

There is definitely some Yes in there, especially the bass lines. But if you hear the entire thing he falls into pure MO motifs quite often.

So, its not all that original, but its not bad.

Did you ever hear TB3? Dance Spin … not my fave lol

there are different versions you would have to post a link .i just learned he lived in Ibiza, he probably made the dance mix`s, lol. i find it funny that Mike Oldfield admits to playing the same notes but just in reverse order of Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue” which is the intro to tubular bells exorsist theme .
i cut either a 2 or 4 bar loop last week of the original tubular bells intro “the exorsist” theme and it fit exactly with no time warping or anything into the bars at 120 bpm which i found weird ,would have been weirder if it had been 666 bpm.

I used to play in a band and we would do those transitions between classical themes people knew and the rock/prog versions that were clearly from them … Crisis Outre is from a Mozart piece that I can’t think of the stupid name … just with the emphasis on the 1/2 instead of the 7/8. I loved playing that … but you need a drummer with chops, which was hard to come by.

I always feel I shouldn’t comment on covers, but I did like the way you re-worked this one… so you had Atomic Rooster and we had Hendrix… love that prog!