Tubular Bells transposition

Hi. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but I am wasting a considerable amount of time with the pitch of tubular bells.
I created an orchestral work in Dorico 3+, including a Tubular Bells part - all good.
However, I am now transcribing it for Concert Band. I used the band template from Dorico and added those extra parts I needed, as usual.
I have been doing block cutting and pasting from the orchestral version to the band, and all straightforward - except the TBs are now sounding an octave higher than the original version?
I put the part down the octave to make it sound right but, although it now sounds the same as the original, it is showing the red notes of ‘out of range’ and everything is now below the stave.
So, I have altered the settings in layout to make the brute look right (and now sound right) in the middle of the stave - but the notes are still coloured red as out of range.
Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter as the red will not show on the finished score - but just wondered what happened between the copying and pasting?
Have I done something wrong?
Is the original pitch or the copied pitch incorrect?
Spent ages on it and it is something I may need to do again as I have seven movements to transcribe - so any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

It sounds like you changed the octave by using the Clef and Transposition Overrides in Setup mode or by adding an explicit clef in Write mode and changing its Octave shift property. But to get the notes to look and sound right without showing them as out of range, you need to change the octave in Play mode. First try reapplying the desired Playback Template. If that doesn’t work, try changing the Expression Map in the Endpoint Setup dialog from Default to Transpose down 1 octave or try changing the octave in the VST you’re using.

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Thank you - I will give that a try. Much appreciated

If that doesn’t get you anywhere, please attach the project here (or at least a cut down chunk of it that demonstrates the problem) and we can take a closer look.

Thank you, Daniel… on its way,
Template Concert Band.dorico (520.1 KB)
Orchestral version Requiescat in Pace - i Tuba Mirum et Dies Irae.dorico (1.3 MB)

One way to solve the problem with the Tubular Bells transposition in your concert band template is to change that instrument to Chimes. You can edit the names if you prefer the instrument to be labeled as Tubular Bells.

That worked brilliantly, thank you John.
Brilliant forum this - I wasted so much time on this!
Thank you again