I read quite a bit about tunecore and CDbaby online on different forums, and tunecore really seems to be a great service. Before I sign up with them I would like to know if people here worked with them and if you really get 100%
of the sale after the itunes cut, which is about 35%.

And what was your experience service-wise? What I read so far they seem to know what they are doing.


Check there guys out:

Might we a worthy alternative, and they’re free. I used then for one CD. It was a pain-free process. :sunglasses:

I signed up for the service and posted 1 song of mine. Its on itunes and the song is “seasons change by andrew blake” if you go there and do a search you will see how they set you up. Now the itunes thing worked good, but I was also supposed to be on rhapsody by this new years 2011, I had to wait a few months for that. It still hasn’t showed up, so I have to look into that. Also on my web site,(which is just a basic page for now, at www.blakeproductions.com ) you can see a widget thing they give you to advertise and sell you song. All in all I thought it was all pretty cool. I did it mostly as an experiment. The price was 49 dollars something like that so I thought what the heck, lets see what they do.
So check it out if you want to see what you’ll get for your dollars.

thanks for the link, nice song. Yup, I think I will go with tunecore …